Our story. Your story. This is why we are here.

Most people can’t appreciate the work of someone who pours iron for a living and then volunteers as “Santa Claus” over the holidays. Why? Because many of us never get the opportunity to read or hear about such stories. But make no mistake. Examples of ordinary people who make a difference in their communities occur every day.

The Brightside™ campaign wants to chronicle these positive news stories and shine a spotlight on hard working, caring and conscientious people who are quietly improving the fabric of our community in Wayne County.

Brightside™ isn’t about big corporations, but rather the real-life stories of the people behind the corporations – individuals who, in their own way, contribute to the economic development and quality of life in Wayne County.

Maybe it’s the grade-school teacher whose class raises money to help terminally ill children. The administrative assistant who volunteers on weekends at a nursing home. The accountant who coaches little league. The neighbor who delivers meals to homebound elderly men and women. Or, as in our first story, the employees at Richmond Casting Co. who have banded together through several innovative charitable-giving efforts to help local families in need during the holidays.

Each story shows how one person can make a difference, change a life and, in turn, better our community.

That’s what the Brightside™ campaign is all about.