BrightSide is about chronicling positive news stories and shining a spotlight on hard working, caring and conscientious people who are quietly improving the fabric of our community in Wayne County.

  1. Women’s Fund is a model of caring and success

    Women need to be celebrated for the work they do. And they need to be supported for their creative and innovative efforts to help other women and girls. Those simple goals serve as the roots for annual get-togethers that started in the mid-1990s and have morphed into the wildly successful Women’s Fund of the Wayne […]

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  2. Entrepreneurship is alive and well in Wayne County

    Greg Cramer tells the story with caring in his voice. A woman called recently to place an order for a Bed Butler, a bedside caddy that Cramer designed while in college.   She told him how useful it would be for her in addition to the organization and protection it was designed for. “I am […]

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  3. Cambridge City grows with mix of old and new

    Becky Cole thought she’d put brown paper over the windows as work began last summer on the new restaurant she recently opened in Cambridge City along with her husband, Ron. But, that never happened for one major reason: Residents kept stopping by and looking in as Cole’s Dining & Spirits took shape. They couldn’t wait […]

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  4. Ahaus Tool engineers its own workforce

    Workforce development is an essential ingredient in today’s manufacturing world. But, it’s far from a new concept. Apprenticeships and high school tech-ed programs have long served as cornerstones for developing employees. So have trade schools and, of course, on-the-job training. Ahaus Tool & Engineering of Richmond has been developing its own machinists and engineers since […]

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  5. Dils delivers fitness sites for kids and community

    Fitness can be fun — and good business, too. John Dils has proven that time and again in the last seven years by turning large buildings from blank spaces into beehives of family activities. His development efforts in fitness — pushed by his community commitment — have created everything from a bicycle shop to basketball […]

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  6. Van Pelt, Runnels reflect our great history of golf

    Golf courses are places of great competition for men and women of all ages. They also are places for deal-making and dollar-raising. Businesses are started, contracts confirmed and charities benefited on courses across the nation. In Wayne County, the game’s assets — the play, the contacts, the camaraderie — have been a success story for […]

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